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Harmony Chill 3.0 Mattress | Mlily
Harmony Chill 3.0 Mattress | Mlily
Harmony Chill 3.0 Mattress | Mlily
Harmony Chill 3.0 Mattress | Mlily
Harmony Chill 3.0 Mattress | Mlily
Harmony Chill 3.0 Mattress | Mlily
Harmony Chill 3.0 Mattress | Mlily
Harmony Chill 3.0 Mattress | Mlily
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Harmony Chill Cooling Knit Fabric Cover

With a very soft-to-the-touch feel and the important ability to let air flow easily, this fabric offers comfort, function, and durability. Its interlaced threads throughout the cover move with you to reduce bunching and create natural air gaps for breathability.

Gel AeroFusion™ Memory Foam with PCM Coating - Phase Changing Material

PCM stands for Phase Changing Material which means that it can release or absorb body heat to provide passive temperature regulation while you sleep. Your body temperature lowers to induce sleep and raises to wake you up. This coating adds additional cooling technology to our specialty foams to ensure deep sleep without interruption.

Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam

This foam offers superior support by adapting to your micro-pressure points and it has an open cell structure that helps keep the bed cooler. While the infused ingredients are naturally antibacterial, bamboo charcoal also naturally reduces moisture and odors.

Liquid Gel Flex Foam

This cooling foam is the third in our line of Flex Foams. It is a more breathable version of our Flex Comfort Foam with liquid cooling gel swirled into the foams cellular-like structure. This allows it to keep the sleeper cooler and more air to circulate through the foam layers around it.

Flex Support Base Foam

Flex Support Foam is often the bottom layer of our mattresses. A mattress needs to provide the support needed to keep the spine aligned so the sleeper’s muscles relax instead of tightening to compensate. This high-grade foam completes the bottom of the mattress to provide long-lasting durability and support of the top layers.

The plush feel Harmony Chill 3.0 includes layers of Gel AeroFusion™ Memory Foam with a coating of MLILY-exclusive Phase-Changing Material PCM, Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam, and Liquid Gel Flex Foam, covered in a Cooling Knit Fabric.

How to setup your new MLILY mattress:

- Unbox

- Open box and carefully pull out rolled mattress.

- Unroll

- Carefully cut open protective bag to remove and unroll mattress. Take care to not use a knife on the protective bag.

- Expand

- Place mattress on bed frame or foundation to let it expand for 24 to 48 hours.

- Sweet Dreams!

Enjoy a restful night's sleep.

Mlily NL300U Base

MLILY elevate your sleep experience

Position yourself for optimal sleep with an adjustable bed unit from MLILY. Zero-clearance, head/foot adjustments, massaging & automated features, 3-in-1 adjustable legs.

What's Compatible?

Mlily mattresses need a solid, elevated surface to deliver your best sleep ever.

Power Base - Compatible
An adjustable power base allows you to personalize your experience with nearly unlimited head and foot positions.
Flat Foundation - Compatible
Designed to remain solid and supportive, our foundations contain high-density fiberboard and steel rails to give your mattress the flat, sturdy base it needs.
Platform Bed - Compatible
Piperine is a potent alkaloid found in black pepper that stops your body from Slatted foundations and platform beds can support a Mlily mattress, as long as the slats are at least 3" thick and less than 4" apart.the compounds
Box Spring - Incompatible
Box springs are not compatible with Mlily mattresses. Box springs are designed to “give” so a traditional mattress can support your weight.

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Frequently asked questions

Do MLILY mattresses contain latex?

No, we do not use latex in our products. Instead, MLILY has produced a proprietary latex-like material called AdaptiFoam™ that is safe for those with latex allergies or sensitivities. All MLILY foams are Certi-PUR certified. For more information on this certification, visit CertiPUR.us.

Does my warranty cover damages caused during shipping?

Yes! If your MLILY product was damaged during the shipment process, please immediately contact customer service specialists to open a claim and receive a replacement.

What kind of surface should my mattress lay on?

Ensure your mattress is supported by a firm, flat foundation such as a foundation box, semi-flex box spring, or platform bed with adequate slats that are less than 2” apart. A foundation using slats that are more than 2” apart will cause memory foam to become wavy. If your current foundation has any dips, sags, or soft spots, it might be time for a replacement! We recommend platform beds or an MLILY adjustable base to receive the best performance from your mattress.

What is my mattress’s weight limit or dimensions?

The weight limit for our mattresses is about 700lbs. Your mattresses’ dimensions are located on its law tag (attached to the top edge of the mattress) and can assist you in purchasing additional accessories to fit your mattress.

Why do my sheets slip or do not fit my mattress?

Slipping sheets are often caused by the cooling fabric on our mattress covers. We suggest using bed clips to hold the sheets in place. For our 12” to 15” mattresses, we recommend deep-pocket style sheets. Your mattresses’ dimensions are located on its law tag (attached to the top edge of the mattress) to help assist you in purchasing the best sheets to fit your mattress.

How long until I can use my MLILY mattress?

Please allow at least 24 to 48 hours to rise to its full size. You may experience a "fresh foam" odor. It is not harmful and should dissipate after several days once unpacked and aired out. Unpacking the mattress in a well-ventilated area is recommended.
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